San Benedetto – Thè Limone

So to start with, one of my favorites: The San Benedetto – Thè Limone (in Aqua Minerale Naturale), here in the 0.5L bottle.

  • Very Sweet
  • Very light, yellowish color
  • Light sweet lemon-taste

It drinks itself just as lightly, as its color would suggest. But because of its sweetness, only when cooled down to a really ice-cold temperature, will it give off its full taste. If not cold enough, it can be a bit sticky on the tongue as you drink it.

Absolutely one of my favorites in the summer, if served ice-cold.  Preferably this “Limone” version, which is way better than the peach or green-tea-flavored ones.

Unfortunately it is not so easy to get outside of Italy. Certain bars and delis have it and sometimes you’ll find a 6-pack of the big bottles (1.5L) at a discounter – but the supply is not steady.

So if you happen to have a cold glas of this – enjoy. Or rather: Cin-Cin!