Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea

This is the third of the three Arizona ice teas most commonly available here in Switzerland.

  • reddish color
  • fruity sweetness
  • slightly sticky
  • dense consistency

As expected for a pomegranate ice tea, it has a reddish color, somewhat orangey. But is mostly clear with just a little bit of opaqueness.

I immediately feel how sweet it is at the tip of the tongue. And it’s taste is quite full and very fruity. (Although I’m not sure I would have recognised it as being pomegranate, without the big picture of a pomegranate on the bottle.)
But this full and fruity flavor also makes it pretty sticky. Its consistency seems dense and so personally, I prefer to drink it with a lot of ice and don’t mind if it gets diluted a bit.

This one is about as easy to find as the other two most popular Arizona ice teas, Honey Green Tea and Blueberry White Tea. You’ll find it in supermarkets and delis in Europe in bottles of 0.5L (for 1.80 $ US) and sometimes also in 1.5L bottles (for 3.60 $ US).

+ sweetness
+ fruity taste
–  sticky
– consistency
– price

Overall Rating: 6/10