Holderhof Bio Tea Alpenkräuter

This is my first review of an ice tea made with alpine herbs 🌱🌿🍃. This is a type of ice tea that is quite popular in Switzerland, for obvious reasons, and which you will find a number of varieties from different brands. They’re not my favorite, as they’re usually not very sweet (and I personally like my ice tea to be sweet! 😋😊).
The one I tried here is from Holderhof, a farm and small brand which makes organic, locally produced drinks (Link to their Homepage). Originally specialized in elder based drinks, they now make all sorts of syrups, lemonades, smoothies and two ice teas.

  • alpine herbs tea
  • organic
  • Swiss
  • local

As most herbal teas, it has a very light and clear color. It’s a very light yellowish and the clarity of a herbal ice tea is usually a sign of both its freshness, but also of its probable lack of sweetness.

At the first sip: Very refreshing! Almost like a herbal candy, it clears up your throat and refreshes my mouth. In the beginning its also quite easily drinkable and has a flavorful taste.
But the way I see it, this taste has very little in common with an ice tea. What I taste are all the alpine herbs, but no one particular herb gives it a distinct flavor or base taste (such as green or black tea). So when I keep drinking, the permanent refreshing of my mouth by the herbs, without a particular taste that lingers, is almost like a big show of a menu that still leaves you hungry.

I don’t know if it’s the lack of caffeine or sugar because it’s not black tea, but I just miss a certain fullness in its flavor. (I meanwhile found out that Holderhof also produces a lemon ice tea, the Bio Tea Zitrone. This would probably make for a better comparison, but I didn’t yet get a chance to try it.)

According to its label it contains: Balm, chamomile, lady’s mantle, nettles, peppermint and verbena. (And also sugar and citric acid.)

I love the fact that most of this teas ingredients come from a local farm and the one’s surrounding it, so that if I wanted to, I could go there and visit it… And it’s great that all then ingredients are certified as organic.
That said, it is not entirely clear if all ingredients are locally sourced (e.g. the sugar could be imported).

From what I can gather, this ice tea is available in a number of organic shops and delis all around Switzerland 🇨🇭. (I got this bottle at a small deli-kiosk in Zürich.) But I’m not sure it is available anywhere outside of Switzerland.
(I guess maybe in parts of Germany, as there is also a German address printed on the label.)

+ refreshing
+ organic
+ locally produced
– not sweet enough
– overwhelming herbal taste

Overall Rating: 7/10

Bio Eistee Vivitz Classic Zitrone

A surprisingly good, organic, vegan ice tea from Switzerland. It is a black tea with some agave-juice, without refined sugar and low on calories, according to its label. (It is from a certified organic Swiss production, with Switzerland having some of the most stringent organic (“bio”) certifications around. But the agave-juice being imported, this is certified by other ‘foreign’ organic certifications.)

Despite its lack of sugar, it is really sweet. The black tea gives it its full taste and the agave-juice, which seems to work as an excellent natural sweetener, is barely noticeable at first.

It tastes real sweet at the front of the tongue, but has the usual bitterness at the back and upon swallowing, which is common with pure black teas.

  • black tea
  • medium-sweet
  • organic
  • vegan
  • local

Again, this tea needs to be drunk ice-cold. As it warms up to room temperature, it can start to taste somewhat stale.

It is from a local Swiss production, meaning it is mostly found in small Swiss delis and organic groceries.