Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea

This is the third of the three Arizona ice teas most commonly available here in Switzerland.

  • reddish color
  • fruity sweetness
  • slightly sticky
  • dense consistency

As expected for a pomegranate ice tea, it has a reddish color, somewhat orangey. But is mostly clear with just a little bit of opaqueness.

I immediately feel how sweet it is at the tip of the tongue. And it’s taste is quite full and very fruity. (Although I’m not sure I would have recognised it as being pomegranate, without the big picture of a pomegranate on the bottle.)
But this full and fruity flavor also makes it pretty sticky. Its consistency seems dense and so personally, I prefer to drink it with a lot of ice and don’t mind if it gets diluted a bit.

This one is about as easy to find as the other two most popular Arizona ice teas, Honey Green Tea and Blueberry White Tea. You’ll find it in supermarkets and delis in Europe in bottles of 0.5L (for 1.80 $ US) and sometimes also in 1.5L bottles (for 3.60 $ US).

+ sweetness
+ fruity taste
–  sticky
– consistency
– price

Overall Rating: 6/10

Arizona Blueberry White Tea

Another one of the most famous Arizona ice teas: The Arizona Blueberry White Tea. The first ice tea on here, which is based on white tea (instead of the usual black and the occasional green tea based ice teas). A very refreshing, light tea taste, with a slightly fruity sweetness from the blueberries.

  • pinkish, light clear color
  • white tea based
  • fruity blueberry flavor
  • pretty fresh and sweet

The white tea itself having almost no color (probably only some yellowish), together with the berries, this ice tea ends up having quite a peculiar color: A light and clear pink.

Very sweet and refreshing: The white tea base is as light as it looks ans sounds… it makes it very drinkable and light on the tongue. The blueberries (and pear juice, according to the label) make it fruity and sweet, almost honey-like. It feels almost a bit like a syrup. This fruity berry-taste is slightly sticky at the front of the tongue, which means I can’t drink litres of it. But the rest of the tea being so light, it is still very refreshing, especially if you drink it very cold.
I’ve been drinking some of it now in winter and the fruitiness is surprisingly refreshing and fitting.

This variety from Arizona is their second most widely available ice tea outside the US. You’ll find it in a lot of small shops and in the deli-sections of large supermarkets.
It usually comes in a 0.5L bottle, priced the same as the Arizona Green Tea (substantially higher than 99 US cents).

+ sweet and fruity, but refreshing taste
+ light and quite easily drinkable
– slightly sticky fruitiness, can’t drink litres of it
– high price (outside the US)

Overall Rating: 7/10

Arizona Original Green Tea

An American classic (and popular all over the world): The Arizona Original Green Tea with Honey. As its name says, this is also a green-tea based ice tea, but its taste is quite soft and delicate for a green tea. It lacks a ‘minty’ flavor and instead you feel the mild sweetness of the honey.

  • fresh
  • light
  • honey-flavor
  • delicate, only slightly sticky sweetness

It has a very light, very clear yellow (with maybe just a slight hint of green). The ingredients are processed and so it stays clear and there isn’t much that can settle in the bottle over time.

Even though it is a big-brand, mass-produced ice tea, the acidity of the additives and artificial flavorings is bearable. Only on the edges of the tongue you can feel a slight bitterness. (Or if you drink too much of it, it still can stick a bit in your mouth.)
The honey in the Arizona Original Green Tea makes it really sweet, without giving it a too sugary taste. I really notice the honey all over my throat and it is a joy compared to artificial sweeteners. Maybe that is the reason that this is one ice tea that you can drink quite well even if it is not ice-cold.

This specific Arizona ice tea, the Original Green Tea, is the one most widely available around the world of the Arizona ice teas – but not everywhere at the original price of 99 US cents for a can. Instead, you’ll find only 0.5L bottles, priced upwards of 2 Euros.
Some other varieties of Arizona ice tea are also easily available, but most of the very large Arizona range is very hard to find outside of the US. Especially the black tea based ice tea types I have never seen in Europe (even though they’re my favourite ones).

+ fresh and very light
+ nice sweetness (from the honey)
+ easily drinkable
– slight bitterness at the edges
– high price outside of the US

Overall Rating: 8/10