Bio Eistee Vivitz Classic Zitrone

A surprisingly good, organic, vegan ice tea from Switzerland. It is a black tea with some agave-juice, without refined sugar and low on calories, according to its label. (It is from a certified organic Swiss production, with Switzerland having some of the most stringent organic (“bio”) certifications around. But the agave-juice being imported, this is certified by other ‘foreign’ organic certifications.)

Despite its lack of sugar, it is really sweet. The black tea gives it its full taste and the agave-juice, which seems to work as an excellent natural sweetener, is barely noticeable at first.

It tastes real sweet at the front of the tongue, but has the usual bitterness at the back and upon swallowing, which is common with pure black teas.

  • black tea
  • medium-sweet
  • organic
  • vegan
  • local

Again, this tea needs to be drunk ice-cold. As it warms up to room temperature, it can start to taste somewhat stale.

It is from a local Swiss production, meaning it is mostly found in small Swiss delis and organic groceries.


San Benedetto – Thè Limone

So to start with, one of my favorites: The San Benedetto – Thè Limone (in Aqua Minerale Naturale), here in the 0.5L bottle.

  • Very Sweet
  • Very light, yellowish color
  • Light sweet lemon-taste

It drinks itself just as lightly, as its color would suggest. But because of its sweetness, only when cooled down to a really ice-cold temperature, will it give off its full taste. If not cold enough, it can be a bit sticky on the tongue as you drink it.

Absolutely one of my favorites in the summer, if served ice-cold.  Preferably this “Limone” version, which is way better than the peach or green-tea-flavored ones.

Unfortunately it is not so easy to get outside of Italy. Certain bars and delis have it and sometimes you’ll find a 6-pack of the big bottles (1.5L) at a discounter – but the supply is not steady.

So if you happen to have a cold glas of this – enjoy. Or rather: Cin-Cin!