I really like ice tea.
(Or iced tea, as it would be properly spelled, according to some. For more about the spelling-question, see: http://grammarist.com/spelling/ice-tea-iced-tea/)

You could almost say, I love it…

As opposed to most other soft-drinks, there are lots of different types and brands, all the world over. Some taste good to me, others totally awful… And some few, I think are absolutely awesome.

Some days I prefer a San Benedetto or a Italian Coop The Freddo and on another day in another place I will go for Arizona Ice Tea or the Swiss Migros Kult Ice Tea.

In short, there is quite a lot of variety among the drinks that get summed up as “ice tea”. I want to make this variety visible – and tell you which are the best iced teas in the world…