Arizona Blueberry White Tea

Another one of the most famous Arizona ice teas: The Arizona Blueberry White Tea. The first ice tea on here, which is based on white tea (instead of the usual black and the occasional green tea based ice teas). A very refreshing, light tea taste, with a slightly fruity sweetness from the blueberries.

  • pinkish, light clear color
  • white tea based
  • fruity blueberry flavor
  • pretty fresh and sweet

The white tea itself having almost no color (probably only some yellowish), together with the berries, this ice tea ends up having quite a peculiar color: A light and clear pink.

Very sweet and refreshing: The white tea base is as light as it looks ans sounds… it makes it very drinkable and light on the tongue. The blueberries (and pear juice, according to the label) make it fruity and sweet, almost honey-like. It feels almost a bit like a syrup. This fruity berry-taste is slightly sticky at the front of the tongue, which means I can’t drink litres of it. But the rest of the tea being so light, it is still very refreshing, especially if you drink it very cold.
I’ve been drinking some of it now in winter and the fruitiness is surprisingly refreshing and fitting.

This variety from Arizona is their second most widely available ice tea outside the US. You’ll find it in a lot of small shops and in the deli-sections of large supermarkets.
It usually comes in a 0.5L bottle, priced the same as the Arizona Green Tea (substantially higher than 99 US cents).

+ sweet and fruity, but refreshing taste
+ light and quite easily drinkable
– slightly sticky fruitiness, can’t drink litres of it
– high price (outside the US)

Overall Rating: 7/10

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