Nestea Lemon

In my personal opinion, this is one of the worst big-brand lemon ice teas. It has a very particular taste, that’s why it’s not even branded as an ‘ice tea’ as such. Nevertheless its sweet, artificial taste is modeled after black tea and it is an iced tea.

The taste at the front of the tongue is uniquely bland. The artificial sweetener is all over the mouth and the sugar makes it stick.
Upon swallowing there is a bitter aftertaste (I’m not sure if this is the ‘apple-acid’ mentioned on the label) that lingers on.

  • bitter-sweet
  • artificial sweetener

Nestea is a brand by Nestle, but produced by Coca-Cola. Some very big brands… That makes it one of the most widely available ice teas in the world. So you often find yourself in a situation, where the choice is: Either another (soft-)drink or this ice tea. Or sometimes there’s a local alternative, which is more interesting and can be much better – but might be even worse.
With Nesta at least you know what you’re getting, because it provides a consistency in taste the world over, as I have only seen it with Lipton ice tea.


+ widely available
– artificial, bitter-sweet taste

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